Jukebox in Aktion

Liste vorhandener Platten / Singles (Standardkatalog)

Record ID=64 19th Nervous Breakdown Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1966
Record ID=61 2000 Light Years From Home Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1967
Record ID=324 5000 Meilen Von Zu Haus Musiker ID=103 Freddy1965
Record ID=151 A Boy Named Sue Musiker ID=105 Johnny Cash1969
Record ID=690 A Hard Days Night Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1964
Record ID=416 A Little More Love Musiker ID=272 Olivia Newton-John1978
Record ID=358 A Man In The Woods Musiker ID=252 Andy Fisher1967
Record ID=648 A Man Without Love Musiker ID=379 Engelbert1968
Record ID=493 A Whiter Shade Of Pale Musiker ID=338 Procol Harum1972
Record ID=175 Abbl-Dibabbl Musiker ID=125 Wum´s Gesang1973
Record ID=150 Aber Dich Gibt´s Nur Einmal FĂ... Musiker ID=104 Nilsen-Brothers, The1963
Record ID=808 Aber dich, gibts nur einmal fĂĽr mic... Musiker ID=104 Nilsen-Brothers, The1963
Record ID=462 Aber Nein, Nein, Nein Musiker ID=323 Graham Boney1967
Record ID=568 Accident Prone Musiker ID=32 StatusQuo1978
Record ID=796 Addio, My Darling, Bye Bye Musiker ID=253 Lolita1962
Record ID=783 Adios Amigo Musiker ID=507 Sacha Distel1962
Record ID=545 Again And Again Musiker ID=32 StatusQuo1978
Record ID=725 Ain´t She Sweet Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1964
Record ID=327 Airplane Song Musiker ID=232 Royal Guardsmen, The1967
Record ID=641 Alabama-Blues Musiker ID=433 Macky Kaspar1953
Record ID=765 Albatross Musiker ID=277 Fleetwood Mac1972
Record ID=148 Alive Again Musiker ID=102 Chicago1978
Record ID=53 All Along The Watchtower Musiker ID=24 Jimi Hendrix Experience, The1968
Record ID=333 All Of Me Musiker ID=237 Willie Nelson1978
Record ID=37 All Shook Up Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1973
Record ID=400 All The Things She Said Musiker ID=281 Simple Minds1986
Record ID=17 All You Need Is Love Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1967
Record ID=78 All You´ll Ever Get From Me Musiker ID=39 Sweet, The1969
Record ID=403 Allo Georgina Musiker ID=230 Michel Polnareff1971
Record ID=630 Alone Again Musiker ID=426 Glitter Band, The1975
Record ID=304 Alone Again (Naturally) Musiker ID=216 Gilbert O´Sullivan1972
Record ID=451 Always On My Mind Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1972
Record ID=778 Always On My Mind Musiker ID=298 Pet Shop Boys1987
Record ID=96 Am Tag Als Conny Kramer Starb Musiker ID=55 Juliane Werding1972
Record ID=93 Am Tag als der Regen kam Musiker ID=52 Dalida1959
Record ID=115 Amazing Grace Musiker ID=74 Judy Collins1970
Record ID=578 American Hearts Musiker ID=306 Billy Ocean1981
Record ID=491 American Pie (Part I) Musiker ID=337 Don McLean1971
Record ID=611 American Woman Musiker ID=380 Guess Who, The1969
Record ID=194 Amoureux Solitaires Musiker ID=144 Lio1980
Record ID=797 An Einem Sonntag In Avignon Musiker ID=147 Mireille Mathieu1970
Record ID=373 An Old Fashioned Love Song Musiker ID=262 Three Dog Night1971
Record ID=496 And I Love Her Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1964
Record ID=36 Angie Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1973
Record ID=136 Another Day Musiker ID=88 Paul McCartney1971
Record ID=625 Another Funny Honeymoon Musiker ID=422 David Dundas1977
Record ID=458 Another One Bites The Dust Musiker ID=37 Queen1980
Record ID=315 Another Saturday Night Musiker ID=223 Cat Stevens1974
Record ID=306 Another Saturday Night Musiker ID=217 Brenton Wood1973
Record ID=727 Apache Musiker ID=483 Jorgen Ingmann1961
Record ID=288 Apeman Musiker ID=21 Kinks, The1970
Record ID=714 Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In Musiker ID=476 5th Dimension1969
Record ID=399 Arabian Affair Musiker ID=280 Abdul Hassan Orchestra, The1978
Record ID=610 Are You Ready? Musiker ID=416 Pacific Gas & Electric1970
Record ID=180 Armenian Souvenirs Musiker ID=131 Lahn-River-Jazzband1983
Record ID=741 Atlantis Musiker ID=492 Shadows, The1963
Record ID=488 Atlantis Musiker ID=212 Donovan1969
Record ID=802 Auch Du Wirst Geh’n Musiker ID=437 Ted Herold1960
Record ID=523 Autumn Almanac Musiker ID=21 Kinks, The1967
Record ID=292 Azzuro Musiker ID=53 Adriano Celentano1968
Record ID=556 Ça Plane Pour Moi Musiker ID=383 Plastic Bertrand1978
Record ID=634 Babe Musiker ID=429 Styx1979
Record ID=116 Babooshka Musiker ID=75 Kate Bush1980
Record ID=130 Baby Twist Musiker ID=86 Willi Brandes u.d. Kleine Elisabeth1962
Record ID=474 Baby-Babbel-Bossa-Nova Musiker ID=86 Willi Brandes u.d. Kleine Elisabeth1963
Record ID=293 Babysitter-Boogie Musiker ID=208 Ralf Bendix und Klein-Elisabeth1961
Record ID=536 Back In The Night Musiker ID=365 Dr. Feelgood1975
Record ID=388 Back In The U.S.A. Musiker ID=234 Linda Ronstadt1978
Record ID=109 Back To Back Hits Musiker ID=68 James Taylor1970
Record ID=77 Bad Moon Rising Musiker ID=38 Creedence Clearwater Revival1973
Record ID=215 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Musiker ID=161 Jim Croce1973
Record ID=517 Balla Balla Musiker ID=356 Rainbows, The1965
Record ID=406 Banana Boat Musiker ID=286 Harry Belafonte1958
Record ID=227 Banjo Boy Musiker ID=165 Jan und Kjeld1960
Record ID=9 Beast Of Burden Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1978
Record ID=640 Beginnings Musiker ID=102 Chicago1971
Record ID=310 Beinhart Musiker ID=220 Torfrock1990
Record ID=508 Bella Bella Marie Musiker ID=350 Bobby Solo1966
Record ID=122 Bella Bellissima Musiker ID=81 Drupi1976
Record ID=114 Bend Me Shape Me Musiker ID=73 Hello1975
Record ID=440 Bend Me, Shape Me Musiker ID=310 American Breed, The1972
Record ID=147 Bennie And The Jets Musiker ID=101 Elton John1973
Record ID=185 Billie Jean Musiker ID=136 Michael Jackson1983
Record ID=733 Bin i Radi - bin i König Musiker ID=486 Radi Radenkovic1965
Record ID=443 Bla-Bla-Diddly Musiker ID=311 Giorgio1966
Record ID=501 Black Is Black Musiker ID=343 Los Bravos1966
Record ID=505 Black Is Black Musiker ID=347 Belle Epoque1977
Record ID=137 Black Magic Woman Musiker ID=89 Santana1970
Record ID=238 Blame It On The Bossa Nova Musiker ID=174 Eydie Gorme1963
Record ID=763 Blue Moon Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1956
Record ID=287 Blue Suede Shoes Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1956
Record ID=752 Blueberry Hill Musiker ID=153 Louis Armstrong1957
Record ID=694 Bluebirds Over The Mountain Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1968
Record ID=772 Born To Be Wild Musiker ID=377 Wilson Pickett1969
Record ID=121 Borriquito Musiker ID=80 Peret1971
Record ID=572 Boy Oh Boy Musiker ID=395 Racey1979
Record ID=524 Breaking Up Is Hard To You Musiker ID=359 Neil Sedaka1962
Record ID=766 Brick In The Wall (Part II) Musiker ID=502 Pink Floyd1979
Record ID=39 Bridge Over Troubled Water Musiker ID=10 Simon and Garfunkel1970
Record ID=751 Buona Notte Musiker ID=50 Rocco Granata1963
Record ID=24 Burn That Candle Musiker ID=13 Bill Haley and the Comets1955
Record ID=745 But I Do Musiker ID=159 Walker Brothers, The1965
Record ID=193 Butterfly Musiker ID=45 Danyel Gerard1971
Record ID=84 Butterfly Musiker ID=45 Danyel Gerard1971
Record ID=680 California Dreamin Musiker ID=25 Mama´s and Papa´s, The1965
Record ID=486 Calling Elvis Musiker ID=17 Dire Straits1991
Record ID=764 Can The Can Musiker ID=501 Suzi Quattro1973
Record ID=31 Can´t Buy Me Love Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1971
Record ID=633 Can´t Get Enough Of Your Love,... Musiker ID=428 Barry White1974
Record ID=618 Candida Musiker ID=418 Bata Illic1970
Record ID=445 Cannonball Musiker ID=279 Supertramp1985
Record ID=85 Canta En Castellano Musiker ID=46 Umberto Tozzi1978
Record ID=716 Canzone D Amore Musiker ID=268 Catarina Valente1968
Record ID=675 Careless Whisper Musiker ID=460 Wham1984
Record ID=177 Carnaval In Rio Musiker ID=127 Heino1972
Record ID=349 Chan Chan Musiker ID=246 Buena Vista Social Club2015
Record ID=141 Chanson Welterfolge Musiker ID=93 Edith Piaf1964
Record ID=550 Chantilly Lace Musiker ID=378 Sha-Na-Na1978
Record ID=477 Charly Musiker ID=331 Santabarbara1973
Record ID=791 Che Sera Musiker ID=511 Jose Feliciano1971
Record ID=432 Chi Non Lavora Non Fa L´Amore Musiker ID=53 Adriano Celentano1970
Record ID=119 Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep Musiker ID=78 Middle Of The Road1971
Record ID=803 Cinderella Baby Musiker ID=90 Drafi Deutscher1964
Record ID=153 Cindy, Oh Cindy Musiker ID=106 Margot Eskens1957
Record ID=590 Clair Musiker ID=216 Gilbert O´Sullivan1972
Record ID=678 Closer To Home Musiker ID=463 Grand Funk Railroad1970
Record ID=431 Closer To Home Musiker ID=307 Grand Funk Railroad1970
Record ID=788 Co-Co Musiker ID=39 Sweet, The1971
Record ID=132 Cold Turkey Musiker ID=15 Plastic Ono Band1969
Record ID=246 Come A Little Bit Closer Musiker ID=179 Trini Lopez1969
Record ID=481 Come Back And Finish What You Starte... Musiker ID=334 Gladys Knight & The Pips1978
Record ID=527 Come Back To Me Musiker ID=22 Uriah Heep1978
Record ID=540 Coming Up Musiker ID=321 Paul McCartney And Wings1980
Record ID=419 Completely Free Musiker ID=296 Alan David1967
Record ID=650 Crazy Love Musiker ID=154 Frank Sinatra1957
Record ID=365 Creeque Alley Musiker ID=25 Mama´s and Papa´s, The1967
Record ID=398 Crocodile Rock Musiker ID=101 Elton John1972
Record ID=405 Crying In The Chapel Musiker ID=285 Orchester Hugo Winterhalter1965
Record ID=655 Da Da Da Musiker ID=440 Trio1982
Record ID=236 Dan The Banjo Man Musiker ID=172 Dan The Banjo Man1973
Record ID=571 Dance With The Devil Musiker ID=394 Sandy Nelson1974
Record ID=139 Dancin´ Cowboys Musiker ID=91 Bellamy Brothers1980
Record ID=264 Darlin´ Musiker ID=76 Frankie Miller1978
Record ID=383 Das Ist Alles Längst Vorbei Musiker ID=267 Peter Alexander1957
Record ID=795 Das Kann Morgen Vorbei Sein Musiker ID=515 Heidi BrĂĽhl1961
Record ID=620 Das Schöne Mädchen Von Seite 1 Musiker ID=183 Howard Carpendale1970
Record ID=231 Davy´s On The Road Again Musiker ID=20 Manfred Mann1978
Record ID=26 Daydream Believer Musiker ID=14 Monkees, The1967
Record ID=88 Dear Mrs. Applebee Musiker ID=48 David Garrick1966
Record ID=108 Death Of A Clown Musiker ID=67 Dave Davies1967
Record ID=266 Death Of A Clown Musiker ID=191 Bogey Boys, The1980
Record ID=256 Deine Spuren Im Sand Musiker ID=183 Howard Carpendale1975
Record ID=436 Delilah Musiker ID=193 Tom Jones1969
Record ID=173 Der Bundesliga-Star Musiker ID=124 Herbert Hisel1966
Record ID=720 Der GroĂźe Treck Nach Idaho Musiker ID=481 Ralf Bendix1963
Record ID=172 Der Kassenpatient Musiker ID=124 Herbert Hisel1967
Record ID=142 Der lachende Vagabund Musiker ID=97 Fred Bertelmann1957
Record ID=736 Der Liebestraum als Twist Musiker ID=489 Charly Cotton1961
Record ID=332 Der Mann Im Mond Musiker ID=236 Gus Backus1961
Record ID=471 Der Weg In Die Seligkeit (Stranger I... Musiker ID=329 Frank Forster & J. Serenaders1956
Record ID=165 Destiny Musiker ID=116 Jennifer Rush1985
Record ID=278 Devil In Disguise Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1963
Record ID=598 Diana Musiker ID=59 Conny - Connie Francis1957
Record ID=360 Die Antwort Weiss Ganz Allein Der Wi... Musiker ID=254 Marlene Dietrich1963
Record ID=128 Die Liebe Ist Ein Seltsames Spiel Musiker ID=59 Conny - Connie Francis1960
Record ID=726 Die Sterne der Prairie Musiker ID=253 Lolita1960
Record ID=547 Dirty Water Musiker ID=374 Standells1966
Record ID=531 Dizzy Musiker ID=360 Tommy Roe1962
Record ID=8 Do It Again Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1968
Record ID=564 Do You Love Me ? Musiker ID=390 Sharif Dean1972
Record ID=566 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Musiker ID=392 Culture Club1982
Record ID=706 Do You Wanna Dance Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1965
Record ID=516 Do You Want To Know A Secret Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1964
Record ID=595 Don Juan Musiker ID=409 Dave Dee Dozy Beaky, Mick & Tich1969
Record ID=739 Don´t Forget To Dance Musiker ID=21 Kinks, The1983
Record ID=244 Don´t Go Near The Water Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1971
Record ID=532 Don´t Ha Ha Musiker ID=361 Casey Jones & The Governors1964
Record ID=526 Don´t Leave The Child Alone Musiker ID=30 Hollies, The1973
Record ID=608 Don´t Let The Sun Go Down On M... Musiker ID=101 Elton John1974
Record ID=208 Don´t Pay The Ferryman Musiker ID=155 Chris De Burgh1982
Record ID=395 Don´t Stop Musiker ID=277 Fleetwood Mac1977
Record ID=780 Don´t Worry, Be Happy Musiker ID=506 Bobby McFerrin1988
Record ID=683 Down At Lulu´s Musiker ID=146 Ohio Express1968
Record ID=344 Down On Me Musiker ID=241 Big Brother A.T. Holding Company1967
Record ID=747 Down Town Musiker ID=336 Petula Clark1964
Record ID=487 Downtown Musiker ID=336 Petula Clark1965
Record ID=392 Dream Weaver Musiker ID=274 Gary Wright1975
Record ID=737 Drei Musketiere Musiker ID=490 Conny Froboes1963
Record ID=316 Du Kannst Nicht Immer Siebzehn Sein Musiker ID=224 Chris Roberts1974
Record ID=276 Du lässt Dich gehn Musiker ID=201 Charles Aznavour1962
Record ID=362 Du Lebst In Deiner Welt Musiker ID=255 Daisy Door1971
Record ID=307 Du Sollst Nicht Weinen Musiker ID=215 Heintje1967
Record ID=318 Du Weinst Um Mich Musiker ID=226 Michael Holm1971
Record ID=674 Duelin Banjos Musiker ID=459 Eric Weissberg1972
Record ID=300 Early Bird Musiker ID=213 Crash1971
Record ID=721 Egyptian Reggae Musiker ID=482 Jonathan Richman1977
Record ID=616 Ein Bett Im Kornfeld Musiker ID=417 JĂĽrgen Drews1976
Record ID=366 Ein Boot, Eine Mondnacht Und Du Musiker ID=258 Jimmy Makulis1960
Record ID=728 Ein Schiff fährt nach Shanghai Musiker ID=484 Blue Diamonds1962
Record ID=380 Ein Schiff Wird Kommen Musiker ID=268 Catarina Valente1960
Record ID=87 Ein Schiff wird kommen Musiker ID=47 Lale Andersen1960
Record ID=171 Ein Wagen Von Der Linie 8 Musiker ID=123 WeiĂź-Ferdl1961
Record ID=302 Eine Handvoll Reis Musiker ID=103 Freddy1966
Record ID=363 Eine Locke Von Deinem Haar Musiker ID=65 Adamo1966
Record ID=544 El Condor Pasa Musiker ID=372 Facio Santillan1970
Record ID=38 El Condor Pasa Musiker ID=10 Simon and Garfunkel1970
Record ID=402 Elisabeth Serenade Musiker ID=283 Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra1958
Record ID=546 Eloise Musiker ID=373 Teens, The1981
Record ID=143 Elvis Presley Sings Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1958
Record ID=73 Eve Of Destruction Musiker ID=33 Barry McGuire1971
Record ID=703 Even The Bad Times Are Good Musiker ID=64 Tremeloes, The1967
Record ID=417 Every Beat Of My Heart Musiker ID=294 Rod Stewart1986
Record ID=415 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Musiker ID=293 Police, The1981
Record ID=68 Everybody Is Gonna Be Happy Musiker ID=21 Kinks, The1965
Record ID=196 Everybody´s Everything Musiker ID=89 Santana1971
Record ID=113 Everything I Own Musiker ID=72 Ken Boothe1974
Record ID=617 FĂĽr Einen Cent Musiker ID=328 Nana Mouskouri1978
Record ID=317 Feeling Alright Musiker ID=225 Joe Cocker1977
Record ID=628 Fernando Musiker ID=40 Abba1976
Record ID=247 Fernando Musiker ID=40 Abba1976
Record ID=192 Footloose Musiker ID=143 Kenny Loggins1984
Record ID=758 For You Musiker ID=20 Manfred Mann1981
Record ID=775 For Your Love Musiker ID=505 Yardbirds1965
Record ID=159 FrĂĽhlingsstimmen Musiker ID=112 Wiener Volksopernorchester1958
Record ID=450 Friday On My Mind Musiker ID=316 Easybeats, The1975
Record ID=605 Garden Party Musiker ID=414 Rick Nelson a.t. Stone Canyon Band1972
Record ID=798 Geh´ Nicht Vorbei Musiker ID=516 Rex Gildo1962
Record ID=377 Geld Wie Heu Musiker ID=265 Gerd Böttcher1961
Record ID=750 Genie With The Light Brown Lamp Musiker ID=492 Shadows, The1965
Record ID=781 Get Back Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1969
Record ID=548 Get It On Musiker ID=376 T.Rex1971
Record ID=695 Getcha Back Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1985
Record ID=511 Ghostriders In The Sky Musiker ID=353 Spotnicks, The1962
Record ID=638 Gimme Gimme Good Lovin´ Musiker ID=432 Crazy Elephant1969
Record ID=230 Gimme Some Loving Musiker ID=168 Spencer Davis Group, The1966
Record ID=186 Ging-A-Ling Musiker ID=137 Herbert & Birgit1968
Record ID=593 Giornata Nein Musiker ID=53 Adriano Celentano1982
Record ID=558 Girls Got Rhythm Musiker ID=384 AC/DC1979
Record ID=448 Give A Little, Take A Little Musiker ID=314 Jimmy Cliff1969
Record ID=27 Give Peace A Chance Musiker ID=15 Plastic Ono Band1969
Record ID=799 Good Night My Love Musiker ID=517 Roy Black1966
Record ID=117 Good To See You Musiker ID=76 Frankie Miller1979
Record ID=55 Good Vibrations Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1966
Record ID=233 Green Door Musiker ID=156 Shakin´ Stevens1981
Record ID=603 Green Tambourine Musiker ID=413 Lemon Pipers, The1967
Record ID=268 Green, Green Grass Of Home Musiker ID=193 Tom Jones1966
Record ID=549 Groove City Musiker ID=377 Wilson Pickett1979
Record ID=322 Groovin´ With Mr. Blow Musiker ID=228 Mr. Bloe1970
Record ID=70 Guantanamera Musiker ID=31 Sandpipers1966
Record ID=615 Hab´ich Dir Heute Schon Gesagt,.. Musiker ID=224 Chris Roberts1961
Record ID=519 Half-Breed Musiker ID=357 Cher1973
Record ID=632 Hang On In There Baby Musiker ID=427 Johnny Bristol1974
Record ID=19 Hang On Sloopy Musiker ID=12 McCoys, The1965
Record ID=74 Hanky Panky Musiker ID=34 Tommy James And The Shondells1972
Record ID=561 Happy Birthday Musiker ID=387 Altered Images1981
Record ID=621 Happy End Im Hofbräuhaus Musiker ID=355 Peggy March1969
Record ID=749 Happy Jack Musiker ID=496 Who, The1966
Record ID=513 Harlem Shuffle Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1986
Record ID=178 Harry Brent Thema Musiker ID=128 Orchester Hans-Martin Majewski1967
Record ID=179 Have I The Right Musiker ID=129 Honeycombs, The1977
Record ID=65 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby ... Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1966
Record ID=589 Having My Baby Musiker ID=84 Paul Anka1974
Record ID=334 Hämmerchen-Polka Musiker ID=238 Chris Howland1961
Record ID=776 Heart Full Of Soul Musiker ID=505 Yardbirds1965
Record ID=614 Heart Of Glass Musiker ID=257 Blondie1979
Record ID=364 Heart Of Glass Musiker ID=257 Blondie1978
Record ID=342 Heartache Tonight Musiker ID=221 Eagles1979
Record ID=335 Heat Wave Musiker ID=234 Linda Ronstadt1975
Record ID=792 Heiße Nächte in Palermo Musiker ID=512 Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung1986
Record ID=303 Heidschie Bumbeidschi Musiker ID=215 Heintje1968
Record ID=460 Helen Wheels Musiker ID=321 Paul McCartney And Wings1973
Record ID=135 Hello, Goodbye Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1967
Record ID=644 Hello, Mary Lou Musiker ID=165 Jan und Kjeld1961
Record ID=308 Help Me Simone Musiker ID=218 Equals, The1971
Record ID=105 Here Comes My Baby Musiker ID=64 Tremeloes, The1967
Record ID=424 Here I Go Again Musiker ID=300 Whitesnake1987
Record ID=57 Heroes And Villains Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1967
Record ID=201 Herz aus Glas Musiker ID=149 MĂĽnchner Freiheit1987
Record ID=743 Herz Ist Trumpf Musiker ID=249 Trio1983
Record ID=219 Heute Male Ich Dein Bild, Cindy Lou Musiker ID=90 Drafi Deutscher1965
Record ID=15 Hey Jude Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1968
Record ID=162 Hey There Little Miss Mary Musiker ID=114 Whistling Jack Smith1967
Record ID=89 Hey Tonight Musiker ID=38 Creedence Clearwater Revival1971
Record ID=258 Hey, Good Lookin´ Musiker ID=185 Spotnicks, The1963
Record ID=746 Hide Away Musiker ID=494 Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich1966
Record ID=158 Hier Kommt Kurt Musiker ID=111 Frank Zander1989
Record ID=195 High In A Room Musiker ID=145 Smoke, The1967
Record ID=557 Highway To Hell Musiker ID=384 AC/DC1979
Record ID=428 Hold On Tight Musiker ID=304 Samantha Fox1986
Record ID=494 Homburg Musiker ID=338 Procol Harum1967
Record ID=13 Homeward Bound Musiker ID=10 Simon and Garfunkel1966
Record ID=35 Honky Tonk Woman Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1969
Record ID=386 Hopelessly Devoted To You Musiker ID=272 Olivia Newton-John1978
Record ID=312 Hotel California Musiker ID=221 Eagles1976
Record ID=583 House Of The Rising Sun Musiker ID=405 Frijid Pink1976
Record ID=102 House Of The Rising Sun Musiker ID=61 Max Greger1970
Record ID=626 How Could It Be Musiker ID=423 Eddie Murphy1986
Record ID=95 Hungry Heart Musiker ID=54 Bruce Springsteen1980
Record ID=452 I Am A Rock Musiker ID=10 Simon and Garfunkel1966
Record ID=699 I Can Help Musiker ID=470 Billy Swan1974
Record ID=742 I Can´t Let Go Musiker ID=30 Hollies, The1966
Record ID=107 I Didn´t Know I Loved You Musiker ID=66 Gary Glitter1972
Record ID=560 I Don´t Wanna Dance Musiker ID=386 Eddy Grant1982
Record ID=110 I Feel Love Musiker ID=69 Donna Summer1977
Record ID=770 I Got A Woman Musiker ID=13 Bill Haley and the Comets1959
Record ID=282 I Got You Babe Musiker ID=204 Sonny And Cher1972
Record ID=472 I Just Called To Say I Love You Musiker ID=211 Stevie Wonder1984
Record ID=559 I Know It´s Over Musiker ID=385 Rex Carter1971
Record ID=125 I Love You, Baby Musiker ID=84 Paul Anka1957
Record ID=124 I Love You, Baby Musiker ID=59 Conny - Connie Francis1958
Record ID=67 I Saw Her Again Musiker ID=25 Mama´s and Papa´s, The1966
Record ID=507 I Saw Her Standing There Musiker ID=349 John Lennon1981
Record ID=439 I Shot The Sheriff Musiker ID=309 Eric Clapton1974
Record ID=98 I Should Have Known Better Musiker ID=57 Jim Diamond1984
Record ID=427 I Still Haven´t Found What I&a... Musiker ID=303 U21987
Record ID=579 I Want A New Drug Musiker ID=401 Huey Lewis And The News1983
Record ID=528 I Want To Break Free Musiker ID=37 Queen1984
Record ID=495 I Want To Hold Your Hand Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1963
Record ID=83 I Want To Take You Higher Musiker ID=44 Sly & The Family Stone1970
Record ID=285 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1956
Record ID=426 I Want Your Love Musiker ID=302 Transvision Vamp1988
Record ID=297 I Was Made To Love Her Musiker ID=211 Stevie Wonder1967
Record ID=240 I Will Return Musiker ID=176 Springwater1971
Record ID=504 I´d Love You To Want Me Musiker ID=346 Lobo1973
Record ID=25 I´m A Believer Musiker ID=14 Monkees, The1966
Record ID=707 I´m Gonna Love Her For Both Of... Musiker ID=473 Meat Loaf1981
Record ID=685 I´ve Gotta Get A Message To Yo... Musiker ID=465 Bee Gees1968
Record ID=672 Ich bin der Martin, ne? Musiker ID=457 Diether Krebs1991
Record ID=228 Ich Steh An Der Bar Und Ich Habe Kei... Musiker ID=166 Bobbejaan und seine Gitarre1960
Record ID=174 Ich WĂĽnsch´ Mir ´Ne Kle... Musiker ID=125 Wum´s Gesang1972
Record ID=379 Ich Zähle Täglich Meine Sorgen Musiker ID=267 Peter Alexander1960
Record ID=267 Ick Liebe Dir, Ick Liebe Dich Musiker ID=192 Ursela Monn1978
Record ID=368 If I Had A Hammer Musiker ID=259 Peter, Paul & Mary1962
Record ID=509 If I Had A hammer Musiker ID=351 Rob Denis1963
Record ID=700 If I Only Had Time Musiker ID=471 John Rowles1968
Record ID=401 Il Silenzio Musiker ID=282 Arne Lamberth1965
Record ID=90 Il Silenzio Musiker ID=49 Mr. Trumpet - Roy Etzel1966
Record ID=404 In A Gadda Da Vita Musiker ID=284 Iron Butterfly1972
Record ID=32 In The Ghetto Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1969
Record ID=437 In The Summertime Musiker ID=308 Mungo Jerry1970
Record ID=187 In The Year 2525 Musiker ID=138 Zager & Evans1969
Record ID=331 Incense And Peppermints Musiker ID=235 Strawberry Alarm Clock1968
Record ID=106 Inch´ Allah Musiker ID=65 Adamo1967
Record ID=643 Island In The Sun Musiker ID=286 Harry Belafonte1957
Record ID=82 It Never Rains In Southern Californi... Musiker ID=43 Albert Hammond1972
Record ID=260 It´s A Mistake Musiker ID=187 Men At Work1983
Record ID=581 It´s A Real Good Feeling Musiker ID=403 Peter Kent1979
Record ID=777 It´s A Sin Musiker ID=298 Pet Shop Boys1987
Record ID=34 It´s Only Rock´n Roll Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1974
Record ID=397 It´s Raining Again Musiker ID=279 Supertramp1982
Record ID=760 It´s So Easy Musiker ID=234 Linda Ronstadt1977
Record ID=459 It´s Your Life Musiker ID=320 Smokie1977
Record ID=50 Its All Over Now, Baby Blue Musiker ID=28 Them1970
Record ID=722 Jamaica Farewell Musiker ID=286 Harry Belafonte1956
Record ID=710 Jane Musiker ID=474 Jefferson Starship1979
Record ID=453 Je T´aime... Moi Non Plus Musiker ID=317 Jane Birkin1969
Record ID=782 Jeans On Musiker ID=422 David Dundas1976
Record ID=291 Jennifer Eccles Musiker ID=30 Hollies, The1968
Record ID=298 Jennifer Juniper Musiker ID=212 Donovan1968
Record ID=138 Jingo Musiker ID=89 Santana1969
Record ID=684 Jive Talkin Musiker ID=465 Bee Gees1975
Record ID=100 Jolly Joker Musiker ID=59 Conny - Connie Francis1959
Record ID=575 Juanita Musiker ID=398 Nick MacKenzie1973
Record ID=446 Juanita Banana Musiker ID=313 Peels, The1966
Record ID=627 Judy In Disguise Musiker ID=424 John Fred and His Playboy Band1967
Record ID=189 Julie Do Ya Love Me Musiker ID=140 White Plains1970
Record ID=613 Jumpin´ Jack Flash Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1968
Record ID=224 Junge, Komm Bald Wieder Musiker ID=103 Freddy1962
Record ID=168 Junges Herz Und Graue Haare Musiker ID=119 Heidesänger, Die1957
Record ID=101 Keep It In The Family Musiker ID=60 Jim Rafferty1979
Record ID=269 Keine Sterne In Athen (3-4-5x in 1 M... Musiker ID=194 Stephan Remmler1986
Record ID=76 Killer Queen Musiker ID=37 Queen1974
Record ID=389 Killing Me Softly Musiker ID=273 Roberta Flack1973
Record ID=69 King Midas In Reserve Musiker ID=30 Hollies, The1967
Record ID=473 Kiss Musiker ID=330 Prince And The Revolution1986
Record ID=686 Knock Three Times Musiker ID=466 Dawn1970
Record ID=154 Knockin´ Boots Musiker ID=107 Candyman1990
Record ID=257 Kokomo Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1988
Record ID=369 La Bambola Musiker ID=85 Heidi BrĂĽhl1968
Record ID=169 La La La (She Gives Me Love) Musiker ID=120 Joan Manuel Serrat1968
Record ID=94 La Lotta Dell´ Amore Musiker ID=53 Adriano Celentano1968
Record ID=359 La Luna Musiker ID=253 Lolita1960
Record ID=339 La Paloma Musiker ID=103 Freddy1961
Record ID=325 La Poupee Qui Fait Non Musiker ID=230 Michel Polnareff1966
Record ID=635 Lady Blue Musiker ID=430 Leon Russell1975
Record ID=44 Lady In Black Musiker ID=22 Uriah Heep1977
Record ID=810 Lady In Red Musiker ID=155 Chris De Burgh1986
Record ID=127 Lady Sunshine Und Mr. Moon Musiker ID=59 Conny - Connie Francis1962
Record ID=530 Lady Writer Musiker ID=17 Dire Straits1979
Record ID=580 Last Date Musiker ID=402 Floyd Cramer1960
Record ID=468 Late In The Evening Musiker ID=270 Paul Simon1980
Record ID=214 Lay Lady Lay Musiker ID=160 Bob Dylan1969
Record ID=45 Lazy Sunday Musiker ID=23 Small Faces1968
Record ID=357 Le Loco-Motion Musiker ID=251 Sylvie Vartan1962
Record ID=216 Let It Be Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1970
Record ID=731 Let´s Dance Musiker ID=171 Chris Montez1962
Record ID=235 Let´s Dance Musiker ID=171 Chris Montez1972
Record ID=1 Let´s Spend A Night Together Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1967
Record ID=145 Let´s Twist Again Musiker ID=99 Chubby Checker1961
Record ID=80 Lisbeth Musiker ID=41 Malepartus II.1966
Record ID=191 Little Arrows Musiker ID=142 Leapy Lee1968
Record ID=296 Little Bit O´Soul Musiker ID=210 Music Explosion, The1967
Record ID=562 Little Darling (I Need You) Musiker ID=388 Doobie Brothers, The1977
Record ID=447 Little Man Musiker ID=204 Sonny And Cher1966
Record ID=455 Little Red Riding Hood Musiker ID=202 Sam The Sham & Pharaons1966
Record ID=600 Little Willy Musiker ID=39 Sweet, The1973
Record ID=249 Living Doll Musiker ID=162 Cliff Richard1959
Record ID=606 Living For You Musiker ID=204 Sonny And Cher1966
Record ID=490 Living Next Door To Alice Musiker ID=320 Smokie1976
Record ID=283 Locomotive Breath Musiker ID=205 Jethro Tull1973
Record ID=43 Lola Musiker ID=21 Kinks, The1970
Record ID=652 Lonely Musiker ID=437 Ted Herold1961
Record ID=677 Long Time Blues Musiker ID=462 Mason Williams1968
Record ID=582 Lost In Love Musiker ID=404 Air Supply1980
Record ID=72 Louie, Louie Musiker ID=31 Sandpipers1967
Record ID=413 Love Is A Battlefield Musiker ID=291 Benatar1983
Record ID=631 Love Is In The Air Musiker ID=400 John Paul Young1977
Record ID=284 Love Like A Man Musiker ID=206 Ten Years After1970
Record ID=97 Love Machine (Part I & II) Musiker ID=56 Supermax1978
Record ID=279 Love Me Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1957
Record ID=350 Love Me, Please Love Me Musiker ID=230 Michel Polnareff1966
Record ID=203 Lover´s Lane Musiker ID=150 Pat Boone1962
Record ID=483 Ma Baker Musiker ID=333 Boney M.1976
Record ID=237 Mademoisselle Ninette Musiker ID=173 Soulfull Dynamics, The1970
Record ID=60 Magic Carpet Ride Musiker ID=29 Steppenwolf1968
Record ID=156 Magic Moments Musiker ID=109 Perry Como1958
Record ID=651 Magic Moments Musiker ID=109 Perry Como1957
Record ID=133 Magical Mystery Tour Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1967
Record ID=647 Mahalia Jackson (EP) Musiker ID=435 Mahalia Jackson1957
Record ID=646 Mahalia Jackson Singt (EP) Musiker ID=435 Mahalia Jackson1958
Record ID=111 Making Up And Breakin´ Up Musiker ID=70 Buckinghams, The1967
Record ID=28 Malayisha Musiker ID=16 Miriam Makeba1967
Record ID=305 Mama Musiker ID=215 Heintje1967
Record ID=75 Mama Loo Musiker ID=36 Les Humphries Singers, The1973
Record ID=407 Mambo Bacan Musiker ID=287 Sophia Loren1955
Record ID=271 Mamma Mia Musiker ID=40 Abba1975
Record ID=478 Mamy Blue Musiker ID=332 Pop Tops1971
Record ID=131 Mannish Boy Musiker ID=87 Muddy Waters1955
Record ID=622 Maria Musiker ID=419 Gerhard Wendland1962
Record ID=734 Marianka Musiker ID=487 Fred Rauch
Record ID=492 Marie, Marie Musiker ID=156 Shakin´ Stevens1980
Record ID=91 Marina Musiker ID=50 Rocco Granata1959
Record ID=220 Marmor, Stein Und Eisen Bricht Musiker ID=90 Drafi Deutscher1965
Record ID=479 Mary´s Boy Child / Oh My Lord Musiker ID=333 Boney M.1978
Record ID=762 Massachusetts Musiker ID=465 Bee Gees1967
Record ID=753 Matilda, Matilda! Musiker ID=286 Harry Belafonte1956
Record ID=498 Me And Bobby McGee Musiker ID=340 Janis Joplin1968
Record ID=709 Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard Musiker ID=270 Paul Simon1972
Record ID=597 Me And You And A Dog Named Boo Musiker ID=346 Lobo1971
Record ID=457 Medley 1 Musiker ID=319 Dave Clark Five, The1970
Record ID=354 Melissa (Thema Kriminal-Fernsehspiel... Musiker ID=248 Das Odeon-Studio Orchester1966
Record ID=299 Mellow Yellow Musiker ID=212 Donovan1966
Record ID=340 Melodie Der Nacht Musiker ID=103 Freddy1960
Record ID=719 Melodie FĂĽr Zwei Gitarren Musiker ID=480 ray Conniff und Orchester1960
Record ID=779 Memories Of Heidelberg Musiker ID=355 Peggy March1966
Record ID=274 Mendocino Musiker ID=198 Michael Holm1969
Record ID=197 Mercy Musiker ID=146 Ohio Express1969
Record ID=687 Mexican Dream Musiker ID=467 Peter, Sua and Marc1977
Record ID=715 Mexico Musiker ID=477 Bob Moore1961
Record ID=86 Mexico Musiker ID=36 Les Humphries Singers, The1972
Record ID=259 Michael Musiker ID=186 Highwaymen, The1961
Record ID=353 Michelle Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1966
Record ID=42 Mighty Quinn Musiker ID=20 Manfred Mann1968
Record ID=183 Minikini Musiker ID=134 Textil-Sparverein, Der1964
Record ID=18 Miss You Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1978
Record ID=624 Mississippi Musiker ID=421 Pussycat1975
Record ID=465 Mister Twist Musiker ID=326 Mina1963
Record ID=81 Misty Island Musiker ID=42 Petards, The1969
Record ID=800 Mit 17 Fängt Das Leben Erst An Musiker ID=491 Ivo Robic1960
Record ID=738 Mit 17 Fängt Das Leben Erst An Musiker ID=491 Ivo Robic1960
Record ID=515 Mit 17 Hat Man Noch Träume Musiker ID=355 Peggy March1965
Record ID=793 Mit 17 soll man nicht weinen Musiker ID=513 Rita Pavone1964
Record ID=311 Mixed Emotions Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1989
Record ID=391 Mockingbird feat. James Taylor Musiker ID=214 Carly Simon1974
Record ID=49 Monday, Monday Musiker ID=25 Mama´s and Papa´s, The1966
Record ID=29 Money For Nothing Musiker ID=17 Dire Straits1985
Record ID=79 Money Money Money Musiker ID=40 Abba1976
Record ID=184 More And More Musiker ID=135 Little Milton1967
Record ID=502 Morgen Musiker ID=344 Billy Vaughn1959
Record ID=239 Morning Of My Life Musiker ID=175 Esther & Abi Ofarim1967
Record ID=425 Morning Sky Musiker ID=301 George Baker Selection1975
Record ID=63 Mothers Little Helper Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1966
Record ID=543 Mouldy Old Dough Musiker ID=371 Lieutenant Pigeon1971
Record ID=352 Mount Vernon And Fairway (Theme) Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1973
Record ID=636 Movin´ On Musiker ID=71 Merle Haggard1975
Record ID=281 Mr. Tambourine Man Musiker ID=203 Byrds, The1965
Record ID=140 Mull Of Kintyre Musiker ID=92 Wings1977
Record ID=40 Muss I Denn, Muss I Denn Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1960
Record ID=609 My Ding-A-Ling Musiker ID=415 Chuck Berry1974
Record ID=410 My Maria Musiker ID=289 Roland W.1968
Record ID=326 My Old School Musiker ID=231 Steely Dan1973
Record ID=692 My Real Name Musiker ID=164 Fats Domino1962
Record ID=785 My Sweet Lord Musiker ID=411 George Harrison1970
Record ID=272 Nackt Im Wind Musiker ID=196 Band fĂĽr Afrika1985
Record ID=539 Never Gonna Give You Up Musiker ID=368 Rick Astley1987
Record ID=243 Nights In White Satin Musiker ID=178 Moody Blues, The1967
Record ID=570 Nights In White Satin Musiker ID=178 Moody Blues, The1967
Record ID=188 Nimm Mich Mit Nach Capriciano Musiker ID=139 Blue Diamonds1972
Record ID=223 Nimm Mich So Wie Ich Bin Musiker ID=90 Drafi Deutscher1966
Record ID=565 No Me Hables Musiker ID=391 Juan Pardo1981
Record ID=10 No Milk Today Musiker ID=5 Hermans Hermits1966
Record ID=387 Nobody Does It Better Musiker ID=214 Carly Simon1977
Record ID=654 Nothing Compares 2 U Musiker ID=439 Sinead O´Connor1990
Record ID=198 Nous On S´Aimera Musiker ID=147 Mireille Mathieu1967
Record ID=356 Novemberballade Musiker ID=250 Joana1971
Record ID=232 Nutbush City Limits Musiker ID=169 Ike and Tine Turner1973
Record ID=30 O Sole Mio (It´s Now Or Never) Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1960
Record ID=92 Oh Boy Musiker ID=51 Mud1975
Record ID=210 Oh Julie Musiker ID=156 Shakin´ Stevens1981
Record ID=212 Oh Lonesome Me Musiker ID=158 Don Gibson1957
Record ID=574 Oh Me Oh My Musiker ID=397 BZN1979
Record ID=382 Oh My Darling Caroline Musiker ID=269 Ronny1964
Record ID=433 Oh Well Part I Musiker ID=277 Fleetwood Mac1969
Record ID=717 Oh, Cherie Je Taime Musiker ID=478 Jacqueline Boyer1968
Record ID=205 Oh, Happy day Musiker ID=152 Edwin Hawking Singers, The1969
Record ID=202 Ohne Dich Musiker ID=149 MĂĽnchner Freiheit1985
Record ID=653 Ol Man River Musiker ID=438 Paul Robesom1953
Record ID=576 Ollas Häppy Mit´n Pepi Musiker ID=399 Kratochwil und Napravnik1976
Record ID=585 On The Beat Musiker ID=408 Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens Band1981
Record ID=510 On The Road Again Musiker ID=352 Canned Heat1969
Record ID=412 On The Wings Of A Nightingale Musiker ID=290 Everly Brothers, The1984
Record ID=253 One For You, One For Me Musiker ID=182 La Bionda1978
Record ID=234 One More Night Musiker ID=170 Phil Collins1985
Record ID=286 One Night Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1958
Record ID=442 Oney Musiker ID=105 Johnny Cash1972
Record ID=591 Ooh Baby Musiker ID=216 Gilbert O´Sullivan1973
Record ID=421 Oppurtunities Musiker ID=298 Pet Shop Boys1986
Record ID=629 Opus fĂĽr Blondinen Musiker ID=425 Renardo und sein Filmorchester1961
Record ID=806 Orinoco Flow Musiker ID=519 Enya1988
Record ID=673 Orzowei Musiker ID=458 Oliver Onions1976
Record ID=612 Paint It Black Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1966
Record ID=52 Paint It Black Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1966
Record ID=748 Painter Man Musiker ID=495 Creation, The1967
Record ID=735 Papa Tanzt Mambo Musiker ID=488 Bob Parker und Orchester
Record ID=200 Pata Pata Musiker ID=16 Miriam Makeba1967
Record ID=328 Philadelphia Freedom Musiker ID=101 Elton John1975
Record ID=126 Pity, Pity Musiker ID=84 Paul Anka1959
Record ID=454 Please Please Me Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1964
Record ID=587 Poor Boy Musiker ID=341 Lords, The1965
Record ID=469 Pop Corn (Vocal) Musiker ID=327 Anarchic System1972
Record ID=255 Poppa Joe Musiker ID=39 Sweet, The1972
Record ID=206 Potatoe Head Blues Musiker ID=153 Louis Armstrong1960
Record ID=476 Power To All Our Friends Musiker ID=162 Cliff Richard1973
Record ID=157 Pretty World Musiker ID=110 Sergio Mendes & Brasil 661969
Record ID=46 Purple Haze Musiker ID=24 Jimi Hendrix Experience, The1967
Record ID=59 Ragamuffin Man Musiker ID=20 Manfred Mann1969
Record ID=681 Rain Dance Musiker ID=380 Guess Who, The1971
Record ID=170 Rain On The Roof Musiker ID=122 Lovin´ Spoonful, The1966
Record ID=480 Rasputin Musiker ID=333 Boney M.1978
Record ID=176 Raumpatrouille Musiker ID=126 Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester1966
Record ID=422 Raunchy Musiker ID=126 Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester1972
Record ID=811 Red Red Wine Musiker ID=521 UB401983
Record ID=525 Red River Rock Musiker ID=207 Johnny And The Hurricanes1959
Record ID=290 Red River Rock Musiker ID=207 Johnny And The Hurricanes1959
Record ID=351 Respect Musiker ID=247 Jimmy Smith1967
Record ID=724 Respectable Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1978
Record ID=679 Rice Is Nice Musiker ID=413 Lemon Pipers, The1968
Record ID=378 Ride Like The Wind Musiker ID=266 Christopher Cross1979
Record ID=254 Ride My See-Saw Musiker ID=178 Moody Blues, The1968
Record ID=588 Ride on Musiker ID=64 Tremeloes, The1973
Record ID=341 Rikki Don´t Lose That Number Musiker ID=231 Steely Dan1974
Record ID=444 Ringo Musiker ID=312 Lorne Greene1964
Record ID=348 River Kwai March Musiker ID=245 Mitch Miller Orchestra1958
Record ID=338 Rock And Roll Heaven Musiker ID=239 Righteous Brothers, The1974
Record ID=160 Rock And Roll Is Back Musiker ID=113 Vanity Fare1972
Record ID=99 Rock Me Baby Musiker ID=58 David Cassidy1972
Record ID=573 Rocket In My Pocket Musiker ID=396 London Aircraaft1984
Record ID=71 Rockin´ All Over The World Musiker ID=32 StatusQuo1977
Record ID=756 Romeo Und Julia Musiker ID=499 Peggy March1967
Record ID=794 Rosen haben Dornen Musiker ID=514 Carmela Corren1963
Record ID=217 Rote Lippen Soll Man KĂĽssen Musiker ID=162 Cliff Richard1963
Record ID=347 RSD Musiker ID=244 Mumford & Sons2015
Record ID=204 Ruby Tuesday Musiker ID=151 Melanie1970
Record ID=768 Ruby, Don´t Take Your Love To ... Musiker ID=504 Kenny Rogers & The First Edition1977
Record ID=759 Sailing Musiker ID=294 Rod Stewart1975
Record ID=533 Sally May Musiker ID=362 John Lee Hooker1948
Record ID=529 Samba Pa Ti Musiker ID=89 Santana1973
Record ID=761 Samson And Delilah Musiker ID=78 Middle Of The Road1972
Record ID=371 San Francisco Musiker ID=261 Scott McKenzie1967
Record ID=500 Sandstorm Musiker ID=342 Sound Express1970
Record ID=66 Satisfaction Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1965
Record ID=682 Saturday Night Musiker ID=464 Bay City Rollers1975
Record ID=567 Saturday Night At The Movies Musiker ID=393 Drifters, The1964
Record ID=730 SĂĽdwind Musiker ID=253 Lolita1958
Record ID=489 Schöner Fremder Mann Musiker ID=59 Conny - Connie Francis1961
Record ID=789 Schwarze Rose, Rosemarie Musiker ID=177 Peter Kraus und die Rockies1961
Record ID=702 See YOu Later, Alligator Musiker ID=13 Bill Haley and the Comets1956
Record ID=161 Seemann, Weit Bist Du Gefahren Musiker ID=103 Freddy1967
Record ID=754 Seemann, Wo Ist Deine Heimat Musiker ID=497 Geschwister Hoffmann1957
Record ID=199 Sehnsucht Musiker ID=148 Alexandra1968
Record ID=374 Sei Zufrieden Musiker ID=263 Rodgers Gesangs-Duett1957
Record ID=596 Shadow On The Wall Musiker ID=410 Mike Oldfield and Roger Chapman1983
Record ID=226 Shake Hands Musiker ID=90 Drafi Deutscher1964
Record ID=23 Shake Rattle And Roll Musiker ID=13 Bill Haley and the Comets1954
Record ID=553 Shakin´ All Over Musiker ID=380 Guess Who, The1973
Record ID=499 Shakin´ All Over Musiker ID=341 Lords, The1970
Record ID=429 She Drives Me Crazy Musiker ID=305 Fine Young Cannibals1988
Record ID=319 She´s All I Got Musiker ID=227 Johnny Paycheck1971
Record ID=601 Silhouettes Musiker ID=5 Hermans Hermits1965
Record ID=103 Simon Says Musiker ID=62 1910 Fruitgum Co.1968
Record ID=251 Sing Baby Sing Musiker ID=180 Stylistics, The1975
Record ID=537 Singin’ In The Rain (Part 1) Musiker ID=366 Sheila B. Devotion1978
Record ID=475 Sir Duke Musiker ID=211 Stevie Wonder1976
Record ID=456 Skinny Minny Musiker ID=318 Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers1964
Record ID=21 Skinny Minny Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1968
Record ID=343 Skip A Rope Musiker ID=240 Henson Cargill1967
Record ID=414 Sleeping Bag Musiker ID=292 ZZ Top1985
Record ID=708 Slow Twistin´ Musiker ID=99 Chubby Checker1962
Record ID=144 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Musiker ID=98 Platters, The1958
Record ID=323 Smoke On The Water (Edited Version) Musiker ID=229 Deep Purple1973
Record ID=149 So Ein Tag, So Wunderschön Wie Heut... Musiker ID=103 Freddy1964
Record ID=711 So Far Away Musiker ID=17 Dire Straits1985
Record ID=520 So Far Away Musiker ID=17 Dire Straits1985
Record ID=619 So Lange Ich Lebe Musiker ID=418 Bata Illic1972
Record ID=744 Softly, Softly Musiker ID=493 Equals, The1968
Record ID=676 SOS Musiker ID=461 Abba1975
Record ID=461 Soul Finger Musiker ID=322 Bar Kays1967
Record ID=48 Spanish Eyes Musiker ID=26 Al Martino1966
Record ID=248 Speedy Gonzalez Musiker ID=150 Pat Boone1962
Record ID=506 Spiel Mir Das Lied Vom Tod Musiker ID=348 Ennio Moricone1969
Record ID=345 Spinning Wheel Musiker ID=242 Blood, Sweat & Tears1968
Record ID=423 Spirit In The Sky Musiker ID=299 Doctor & The Medics1986
Record ID=522 Splish Splash Musiker ID=358 Bobby Darin1958
Record ID=538 Stan The Gunman Musiker ID=367 Hank The Knife And The Jets1975
Record ID=696 Stand By Me Musiker ID=30 Hollies, The1988
Record ID=577 Standing In The Rain Musiker ID=400 John Paul Young1977
Record ID=182 Stars And Hits - No.1 Musiker ID=133 Jerry Lee Lewis1960
Record ID=384 Still Crazy After All These Years Musiker ID=270 Paul Simon1975
Record ID=555 Strada Del Sole Musiker ID=382 Rainhard Fendrich1981
Record ID=207 Strangers In The Night Musiker ID=154 Frank Sinatra1966
Record ID=33 Strawberry Fields Forever Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1974
Record ID=54 Street Fighting Man Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1968
Record ID=701 Streets Of London Musiker ID=472 Ralph McTell1974
Record ID=671 Streicheleinheiten Musiker ID=456 Peter Cornelius1981
Record ID=784 Sugar, Sugar Musiker ID=508 Archies, The1969
Record ID=434 Summer In The City Musiker ID=122 Lovin´ Spoonful, The1975
Record ID=755 Sun Of Jamaica Musiker ID=498 Goombay Dance Band1979
Record ID=482 Sunny Musiker ID=333 Boney M.1976
Record ID=295 Sunshine Games Musiker ID=210 Music Explosion, The1967
Record ID=604 Sunshine Superman Musiker ID=212 Donovan1966
Record ID=639 Superstition Musiker ID=211 Stevie Wonder1972
Record ID=787 Surf And Shout Musiker ID=509 Isley Brothers, The1963
Record ID=241 Susi Rock Musiker ID=177 Peter Kraus und die Rockies1957
Record ID=637 Sweet Dreams Musiker ID=431 EmmyLou Harris1975
Record ID=769 Sweet Little Sixteen Musiker ID=133 Jerry Lee Lewis1962
Record ID=381 Sweet Memories Musiker ID=237 Willie Nelson1979
Record ID=277 Sweet Rhode Island Red Musiker ID=169 Ike and Tine Turner1974
Record ID=697 Swing Low Sweet Chariot Musiker ID=309 Eric Clapton1975
Record ID=146 Swing Methusalem Musiker ID=100 Billy Mo1958
Record ID=411 Take A Chance On Me Musiker ID=40 Abba1977
Record ID=607 Take Me Home Musiker ID=357 Cher1979
Record ID=554 Take Me Home, Country Roads Musiker ID=381 John Denver1977
Record ID=167 Teenager-Melodie Musiker ID=118 Peter Kraus - Micky Main1958
Record ID=270 Teeny Musiker ID=195 Return1980
Record ID=409 Telegraph Musiker ID=288 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1983
Record ID=225 Telling Lies Musiker ID=164 Fats Domino1959
Record ID=190 Thank You Musiker ID=141 Vera Lynn - Roland Shaw1956
Record ID=330 That´ll Be The Day Musiker ID=234 Linda Ronstadt1976
Record ID=649 The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde Musiker ID=436 Georgie Fame1967
Record ID=329 The Ballad Of The Green Berets Musiker ID=233 Barry Sadler1965
Record ID=58 The Beachboys Best II Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1965
Record ID=723 The Beatles Sound Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1964
Record ID=22 The Birth Of The Boogie Musiker ID=13 Bill Haley and the Comets1955
Record ID=112 The Fightin´ Side Of Me Musiker ID=71 Merle Haggard1972
Record ID=209 The Getaway Musiker ID=155 Chris De Burgh1982
Record ID=689 The House Of The Rising Sun Musiker ID=19 Eric Burden & The Animals1964
Record ID=757 The Hunt Musiker ID=500 Barry Ryan1969
Record ID=542 The Kid Is Hot Tonite Musiker ID=370 Loverboy1981
Record ID=51 The Last Time Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1965
Record ID=551 The Last Waltz Musiker ID=379 Engelbert1973
Record ID=394 The Letter Musiker ID=276 Box Tops, The1967
Record ID=273 The Lion Sleeps Tonight Musiker ID=197 Tight Fit1982
Record ID=118 The Loco-Motion Musiker ID=77 Little Eva1972
Record ID=134 The Long And WInding Road Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1970
Record ID=390 The Right Thing To Do Musiker ID=214 Carly Simon1973
Record ID=56 The Sounds Of Silence Musiker ID=10 Simon and Garfunkel1965
Record ID=698 The Sun Ain´t Gonna Shine Anym... Musiker ID=159 Walker Brothers, The1966
Record ID=514 The Witch Musiker ID=354 Rattles, The1970
Record ID=790 The Witch Queen Of New Orleans Musiker ID=510 Redbone1971
Record ID=218 The Wonder Of You Musiker ID=18 Elvis Presley1970
Record ID=584 Theme From -Shaft- Musiker ID=407 Isaac Hayes1971
Record ID=289 There´s A Kind Of Hush Musiker ID=5 Hermans Hermits1967
Record ID=592 This Ole House Musiker ID=156 Shakin´ Stevens1981
Record ID=265 Those Were The Days Musiker ID=190 Mary Hopkin1968
Record ID=261 Tiger Rag Musiker ID=165 Jan und Kjeld1959
Record ID=740 To Whom It Concerns Musiker ID=475 Chris Andrews1966
Record ID=163 Tom Dooley Musiker ID=115 Rollicks, The1965
Record ID=336 Tom Dooley Musiker ID=104 Nilsen-Brothers, The1959
Record ID=569 Tonight I´m Yours (Don´t... Musiker ID=294 Rod Stewart1981
Record ID=809 Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles Musiker ID=520 Francoise Hardy1963
Record ID=535 Tribute To Buddy Holly Musiker ID=364 Mike Berry1961
Record ID=408 Try A Little Tenderness Musiker ID=262 Three Dog Night1969
Record ID=623 Tu T´En Vas Musiker ID=420 Alain Barriere1975
Record ID=355 Turaluralu - Ich Mach BuBu Musiker ID=249 Trio1983
Record ID=732 Turn To Stone Musiker ID=485 Electric Light Orchestra1977
Record ID=774 Turn!Turn!Turn! Musiker ID=203 Byrds, The1965
Record ID=438 Tusk Musiker ID=277 Fleetwood Mac1979
Record ID=420 Twenty Four Hours Musiker ID=297 Earth & Fire1983
Record ID=375 Twist It Up Musiker ID=99 Chubby Checker1963
Record ID=521 Twisting by The Pool Musiker ID=17 Dire Straits1983
Record ID=263 Ueber Den Wolken Musiker ID=189 Reinhard Mey1976
Record ID=367 Una Festa Sui Prati Musiker ID=53 Adriano Celentano1973
Record ID=563 Una Notte Speciale Musiker ID=389 Alice1981
Record ID=805 Unchain My Heart Musiker ID=225 Joe Cocker1987
Record ID=166 Und Er War Mein Bester Freund Musiker ID=117 Jack White1968
Record ID=729 Unter Dem Doppeladler Musiker ID=344 Billy Vaughn1959
Record ID=242 Up Around The Bend Musiker ID=38 Creedence Clearwater Revival1970
Record ID=713 Up Up And Away Musiker ID=476 5th Dimension1969
Record ID=314 Upside Down Musiker ID=222 Diana Ross1980
Record ID=449 Venus Musiker ID=315 Shocking Blue, The1969
Record ID=396 Video Killed The Radio Star Musiker ID=278 Buggles, The1979
Record ID=541 View From A Bridge Musiker ID=369 Kim Wilde1982
Record ID=229 Waitin´ For The Wind Musiker ID=167 Spooky Tooth1969
Record ID=497 Walk Of Life Musiker ID=17 Dire Straits1985
Record ID=503 Walkin´ In The Sunshine Musiker ID=345 Roger Miller1967
Record ID=213 Walking In The Rain Musiker ID=159 Walker Brothers, The1967
Record ID=155 Walzer Kaputt Musiker ID=108 Friedhelm Riegel1973
Record ID=767 Wandrin´ Star Musiker ID=503 Lee Marvin1969
Record ID=786 Wandrin´ Star Musiker ID=503 Lee Marvin1969
Record ID=467 Waterloo Musiker ID=40 Abba1974
Record ID=441 Waterloo Sunset Musiker ID=21 Kinks, The1967
Record ID=704 We Can Work It Out Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1965
Record ID=62 We Love You Musiker ID=1 Rolling Stones, The1967
Record ID=376 We´re An American Band Musiker ID=264 Grand Funk1973
Record ID=346 Weapon Of Choice Musiker ID=243 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club2015
Record ID=470 WeiĂźe Rosen Aus Athen Musiker ID=328 Nana Mouskouri1961
Record ID=804 Weil Ich Dich Liebe Musiker ID=518 Westernhagen1989
Record ID=221 Weine Nicht, Kleine Eva Musiker ID=163 Flipper, Die1969
Record ID=337 Weit Ist Der Weg Musiker ID=103 Freddy1960
Record ID=245 Wendy Musiker ID=2 Beach Boys, The1967
Record ID=801 Wenn Du Gehst Musiker ID=59 Conny - Connie Francis1962
Record ID=313 Wenn Teenager Träumen Musiker ID=177 Peter Kraus und die Rockies1959
Record ID=252 What A Diff´rence A Day Makes Musiker ID=181 Esther Phillips1975
Record ID=512 What A Wonderful World Musiker ID=153 Louis Armstrong1967
Record ID=594 What Is Life Musiker ID=411 George Harrison1971
Record ID=152 What Is Truth Musiker ID=105 Johnny Cash1970
Record ID=485 What You´re Proposing Musiker ID=32 StatusQuo1980
Record ID=320 When I Get Home Musiker ID=130 Searchers, The1965
Record ID=41 When I Was Young Musiker ID=19 Eric Burden & The Animals1967
Record ID=773 When Love Musiker ID=53 Adriano Celentano1977
Record ID=430 When The Going Gets Tough, ... Musiker ID=306 Billy Ocean1986
Record ID=250 When The Saints Go Rock´n&acut... Musiker ID=13 Bill Haley and the Comets1957
Record ID=534 Whiskey In The jar Musiker ID=363 Thin Lizzy1972
Record ID=642 Why Should We Both Be Lonely Musiker ID=434 Doris Day1953
Record ID=164 Wig-Wam Bam Musiker ID=39 Sweet, The1972
Record ID=222 Wigwam Musiker ID=160 Bob Dylan1970
Record ID=47 Wild Thing Musiker ID=27 Troggs, The1966
Record ID=309 Wilhelm Tell Twist Musiker ID=219 Charly Cotton und seine Twist-Makers1963
Record ID=294 Willst Du Mit Mir Gehn Musiker ID=209 Daliah Lavi1971
Record ID=705 Winning Musiker ID=89 Santana1981
Record ID=129 Wir Wollen Niemals Auseinandergehn Musiker ID=85 Heidi BrĂĽhl1960
Record ID=599 With A Girl Like You Musiker ID=27 Troggs, The1966
Record ID=518 With A Little Help From My Friends Musiker ID=225 Joe Cocker1968
Record ID=361 Without Love Musiker ID=193 Tom Jones1969
Record ID=321 Without You Musiker ID=227 Johnny Paycheck1972
Record ID=466 Wo Meine Sonne Scheint Musiker ID=268 Catarina Valente1957
Record ID=280 Wooly Bully Musiker ID=202 Sam The Sham & Pharaons1965
Record ID=771 World Musiker ID=465 Bee Gees1967
Record ID=463 Wumba-Tumba Schokoladeneisverkäufer Musiker ID=324 Bill Ramsey1959
Record ID=120 Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder Musiker ID=79 Katja Ebstein1970
Record ID=16 Yellow Submarine Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1966
Record ID=484 Yes Sir, I Can Boogie Musiker ID=335 Baccara1977
Record ID=262 Yes Sir, That´s My Baby Musiker ID=165 Jan und Kjeld1959
Record ID=14 Yesterday Musiker ID=11 Beatles, The1965
Record ID=712 Yesterday Man Musiker ID=475 Chris Andrews1966
Record ID=104 You Ain´t Seen Nothin´ Y... Musiker ID=63 Bachmann-Turner Overdrive1974
Record ID=372 You Can Cry If You Want To Musiker ID=27 Troggs, The1968
Record ID=385 You Can Have Her Musiker ID=271 Sam Neely1974
Record ID=435 You Drive Me Crazy Musiker ID=156 Shakin´ Stevens1981
Record ID=418 You Gotta Move Musiker ID=295 Lesley Hamilton1979
Record ID=807 You Lost That Lovin Feelin Musiker ID=239 Righteous Brothers, The1965
Record ID=393 You Never Done It Like That Musiker ID=275 Captain & Tennille1978
Record ID=602 You Were On My Mind Musiker ID=412 Ian & Sylvia1964
Record ID=370 You´re Sixteen Musiker ID=260 Ringo Starr1973
Record ID=301 You´re So Vain Musiker ID=214 Carly Simon1972
Record ID=123 You´re The One That I Want Musiker ID=83 Grease1978
Record ID=718 Youpi-Youpi Musiker ID=479 Candy Kids1962
Record ID=275 Zorba´s Dance Musiker ID=199 Orchester Mikis Theodorakis1965
Record ID=645 Zuckerpuppe (Aus Der Bauchtanz-Trupp... Musiker ID=324 Bill Ramsey1961
Record ID=464 Zwei Kleine Italiener Musiker ID=325 Charlotte Marian1962
Record ID=688 Zwickts Mi Musiker ID=468 W. Ambros1975


Eine der vielen TanzplattenTanzplatten sind schon eine Besonderheit und werden in der Liste links nicht mit aufgeführt. Dafür gibt es eine eigene Liste - eben Tanzplatten.

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Ăśberhaupt - Singles?

So sieht eine 7-Inch-Single aus....Records (also: Schallplatten) haben ja immer zwei Seiten zum abspielen (im Gegensatz zu CDs). Da wir hier aber von Singles sprechen (also Jukebox-geeigneten 7-Zoll Platten mit einem großen Loch) nennt man die Seiten 1 und 2, oft auch (bei Jukeboxen) dann A und B.

Alte Singles haben eine sehr begrenzte Audio-Laufzeit (etwa 2 Minuten), das wurde mit späterer, ausgefeilter Technik besser, dann gab es auch sogenannte EPs (Extended Play), die auf jede Seite zwei Titel brachten. EPs machen in Jukeboxen aber oft Probleme, da die Auslauf-Bereiche zu knapp sind.

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